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Complete Care for Your Rabbits

At Pet Rabbit Sitting Services, My husband and I provide a full range of care for your furry friends. Along with feeding them and making sure they're safe, we maintain their appearance with rabbit grooming.  We can also provide some minor rabbit health care services.

We Care about and for Your Rabbits

We can check in on your rabbit(s) and give them care they need while you can't. Your rabbit(s) will receive a lot of tender loving care because we treat our clients' animals as if they were ours.

In addition to owning rabbits, we have also been fostering them. We are especially skilled with senior and sick rabbits that require medication.

Additionally, we can provide a multitude of minor health and wellness services. Our background and experience provide us with a basic understanding of rabbit health issues such as:

Happy Rabbits
  • Tooth Decay & Overgrowth
  • Ear Infections
  • Sinus Infections
  • Eye Injuries
  • Blindness
  • Bladder Problems (Bladder Stones and Sludge)
  • Kidney Malfunctions
  • Arthritis

Specialized Care Is Available

Rely on my husband and I for the specialized care your rabbit(s) need. We are experienced in care during rabbit recuperation after surgery, care for sick and senior rabbits, and also in palliative (extended life and end-of-life) care. Additionally, we can provide minor services as nail clipping/trimming, ear cleaning, bathing and grooming for your pets. Other services we perform include:

  • Caring for Your Rabbits while You can't
  • Check-Ins & Visits
  • Overnight Rabbit Care
  • Administration of Oral Medication
  • Administration of Subcutaneous Injections

Primary Services

  • Daytime Stay with Your Rabbits
  • Overnight Stay with Your Rabbits
  • Short-Term Visits to Parent Homes to Feed & Check on Their Rabbits

Additional (Optional) Services


  • Caring for Your Rabbits while You can't
  • Day and/or Overnight Rabbit Care


  • Grooming—Brushing & Combing
  • Nail Trimming with Optional Filing of All Nails
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Cuddle Time—Depending on Parent Preferences
  • Roaming-Around Indoor—"Scamper" Time—Depending on Parent Preferences
  • Outdoor Exercise Time—Depending on Parent Preferences
  • Human Company at Night—Parents Have to Request This Service
  • Meeting Other Rabbits—Supervised & Only If Other Rabbits Available; Parents Have to Request This Service


  • Temperature Measuring/Monitoring
  • Minor Manual Filing of Front Teeth
  • Medication Administration
  • Eye Drops
  • Ointments
  • Pills
  • Antibiotics (per Veterinary Doctor Directions)
  • Nebulizer Treatment (per Veterinary Doctor Directions)
  • Injections (per Veterinary Doctor Directions)

Rabbit Sanatorium

  • Care for Rabbits Recuperating after Surgery, Sick Rabbits, & Senior Rabbits

Rabbit Hospice

  • Palliative Care—Extended Life, End-of-Life Care