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 About the Owner

As a homemaker, I can provide personal, round-the-clock, one-on-one care for your rabbits. You can feel secure about your rabbits knowing that someone is there for them all the time. The person you meet is the person who will take personal care of your rabbits during the entire time.

I have been caring for rabbits since 2003, and I will provide service to your rabbits that will feel homelike, quiet, safe, loving, and comfortable. I offer my hospitality, extensive knowledge, and love of rabbits to all in the community.

Years ago after one of the major hurricanes, I found two wild parentless baby rabbits on my property. I nursed them until they were ready and released them back into the wild. This single moment was the beginning of me falling in love with bunnies.

After that, I fostered and adopted several rabbits from shelters and veterinarian offices. Love for rabbits, extensive past caretaker experience of living, caring, and socializing with rabbits were all a basis for my decision to establish a rabbit-sitting service.

Rabbit Eating

As a homemaker with a flexible schedule, I can offer rabbits the time and care they require.

My husband and I are true animal lovers who have experience taking care of toads, squirrels, birds, cats, and dogs. However, we exclusively specialize in rabbits. We can also occasionally provide care for other small animals.

We are honest, reliable, and trustworthy, and we do all we can to ensure you feel confident leaving your beloved pets in our care. We can care for your rabbits in your homes, or elsewhere. We can also provide you with references from veterinary doctors specializing in rabbits upon request.